Freedom of Information response details breakdown of Liveable Streets costs

Despite the best efforts of Tower Hamlets council sometimes a Freedom of Information (FoI) request does set some information free.

In this case FOI 23696441 has revealed that £2,660,000 has been spent on the Liveable Streets programme and £978,000 on consultation.

The table below gives the numbers but if you add up the amounts you get £2,260,000 which does not tally with the £2,660,000 total quoted on the FoI itself.

LS Area Amount
LS Barkantine £166,000
LS Bethnal Green £466,000
LS Bow £31,000
LS Brick Lane £250,000
LS Old Ford West £53,000
LS Shadwell £50,000
LS Wapping £414,000
Non-area specific £830,000
Total £2,260,000

Probably a typo.

Or LBTH has now started to round project costs down or up to within £400k either way.

Or is there a spare £400,000 knocking around that is not-itemised but is on a spreadsheet somewhere?

Moley is still trying to work out where £414,000 has been spent on Liveable Streets in Wapping. Any residents got any ideas?

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