Councillors Special Responsibility Allowance (SRA) payments

While some Tower Hamlets councillors never do a damn thing others always seem super busy, especially Cllr. Andrew Wood (Independent, Canary Wharf) who has kindly updated details of which councillors get a Special Responsibility Allowance (SRA) on top of their £11,380 basic allowance.

A total of £440,086 of SRAs is now paid, more realistically £362,056 when the Mayor’s SRA of £78,030 is subtracted.

One way to buy their loyalty keep them onside. Well, until Lutfur Rahman makes them a better offer.

Only 13 of the 41 Labour Party councillors are not paid an SRA.

Update 12.55 25 July 2020

This list has now been updated to include the Basic Allowance (£11,380) that every councillor is paid and where appropriate the total of this plus any SRA paid. 

PartyNameBasic AllowanceSRA (£)TotalRole
LabourJohn Biggs078,03078,030Mayor
LabourSirajul Islam11,38031,21242,592Statutory Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for Housing
LabourAsma Begum11,38031,21242,592Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for Community Safety, Youth and Equalities
LabourRachel Blake11,38031,21242,592Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for Adults, Health and Wellbeing, Vice Chair Pensions, Chair TH Health and Wellbeing Board
LabourCandida Ronald11,38020,80832,188Cabinet Member for Resources and the Voluntary Sector, Chair Grants Determination (Cabinet) Sub-Committee
LabourDanny Hassell11,38020,80832,188Cabinet Member for Children and Schools
LabourSabina Akhtar11,38020,80832,188Cabinet Member for Culture, Arts and Brexit
LabourMotin Uz-Zaman11,38020,80832,188Cabinet Member for Work and Economic Growth
LabourJames King11,38011,44422,824Chair of Overview & Scrutiny Committee
LabourJohn Pierce11,38011,44422,824Chair of Strategic Development Committee
LabourKevin Brady11,38011,44422,824Majority Group Whip, Vice Chair General Purposes Committee
LabourAbdul Mukit MBE11,38011,44422,824Chair Development Committee, Vice Chair Strategic Development Committee
LabourEve McQuillan11,38010,40421,784Cabinet Member for Planning and Social Inclusion (Job Share) - Lead on Planning
LabourMufeedah Bustin11,38010,40421,784Cabinet Member for Planning and Social Inclusion (Job Share) - Lead on Social Inclusion
LabourDan Tomlinson11,38010,40421,784Cabinet Member for Environment and Public Realm (Job Share) - Lead on Public Realm
LabourAsma Islam11,38010,40421,784Cabinet Member for Environment and Public Realm (Job Share) - Lead on Environment
LabourVictoria Obaze11,38010,40421,784Speaker of the Council
LabourTarik Khan11,3808,32319,703Scrutiny Lead for Resources & Finance
LabourDipa Das11,3808,32319,703Chair Housing & Regeneration Scrutiny Sub Committee, Scrutiny Lead for Housing & Regeneration
LabourKahar Chowdhury11,3808,32319,703Chair Health & Adults Scrutiny Sub-Committee, Scrutiny Lead for Health & Adults
LabourHelal Uddin11,3808,32319,703Chair of General Purposes Committee
LabourBex White11,3808,32319,703Scrutiny Lead for Community Safety & Environment
LabourSufia Alam11,3807,28318,663Mayoral Advisor for Community and Voluntary Sector, and to support young people post Covid-19
LabourAmina Ali11,3807,28318,663Mayoral Advisor for Mental Health
LabourAbdal Ullah11,3807,28318,663Mayoral Advisor for Public Realm, Vice Chair Audit Committee
LabourEhtasham Haque11,3806,24217,622Chair of Licensing Committee
LabourVal Whitehead11,3806,24217,622Chair of Audit Committee
LabourKyrsten Perry11,3806,24217,622Chair of Pensions Committee
LabourMohammed Ahbab Hossain11,3805,20216,582Deputy Speaker
LabourMarc Francis11,380011,380Vice Chair Health & Adults Scrutiny Sub-Committee
LabourGabriela Salva Macallan11,380011,380Vice Chair Children and Education Scrutiny Sub-Committee
LabourShad Chowdhury11,38011,380
LabourDenise Jones11,380011,380Older People's Champion
LabourLeema Qureshi11,38011,380
LabourZenith Rahman11,38011,380
LabourDavid Edgar11,38011,380
LabourShah Ameen11,38011,380
LabourMohammed Pappu11,38011,380
LabourFaroque Ahmed11,38011,380
LabourRajib Ahmed11,380011,380Vice Chair Licensing Committee
LabourPuru Miah11,38011,380
LabourAyas Miah11,38011,380
ConservativePeter Golds11,380011,380Leader of the Conservative group
IndependentAndrew Wood11,38011,380
Liberal DemocratRabina Khan11,38011,380
AspireHarun Miah11,38011,380

Notes:  Job shares have an allowance of £10,404 (half the £20,808 normal Cabinet pay). Vice Chairs of Committees not paid an SRA. Councillors can only be paid for one SRA, this will be the higher allowance. Scrutiny Lead for Children and Education post currently vacant.

Many residents will be worrying how those without an SRA make ends meet, so Moley has come up with some new job titles which can be handed out to any Labour councillor who wants one.

Chair of the ‘Where Is Cllr. Tarik Khan Working This Week?’ Committee is a natural choice but whoever gets this job will have their work cut out for them so not one to pursue.

Keep A Straight Face

To ensure we all live in a ‘mature, democratic process’ may we suggest that the position of Scrutiny Lead for Social Housing Arrangements of Apsana Begum MP is created immediately and probably another position of Keep A Straight Face When The Next Explanation for Social Housing Arrangements of Borough MPs (excluding Rushanara Ali MP) Surfaces would be a good idea. Both these roles would be restricted to a five year term.

Cabinet Member for Ignoring Emails and Phone Calls from Residents would be sensible, just don’t think that whoever gets that job will ever return your calls.

Mayoral Adviser for Not Doing What You Are Paid To Do might be good if possibly superfluous.

Any Labour councillors without an extra job title and appropriate SRA would automatically become Deputy Mayoral Adviser Leads for Scrutinising the Numerous Things That Must Never Revealed to Anyone Or We Are Stuffed as whoever is doing that job at the moment is just not up to scratch.

Not that Moley is complaining.

Pip pip!

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3 thoughts on “Councillors Special Responsibility Allowance (SRA) payments

  1. This is surprising, why all councillors have to paid all this monies on top of their normal wages. No wonder why council tax is going up and all important services have to be cuts. This is ridiculous.

  2. If a Councillor claims benefit I have heard their income from Councillor duties does not need to be taken in to account.
    Can anybody verify please?
    Asking for a friend.

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