Shhhh! Don’t mention the Tower Rewards strike in Tower Hamlets!

Please don’t read anymore of this news story. Stop right there and go and socially distance with a stranger or something. Gone? Good.

The reason we ask you not to read any further is because we think we know the real reason the Dynamic Duo of Mayor John Biggs and CEO Will Tuckley have decided to tangle with UNISON again during the pandemic over ‘Tower Rewards’.

The Dynamic Duo

Still reading are you? OK then, but if you read the rest of this not a word to anyone – right? This is just between you and Moley.

Genius at work

Well it seems the strategy behind threatening to sack 4,000 council workers unless they sign up to new conditions of service is that if this is done during the biggest public health crisis to hit the UK for the last century nobody will notice!

‘Cos we will all be talking about Covid-19 this and coronavirus the other instead! A stroke of genius!

Two arrested on picket line

As long as there are no negative headlines like ‘Two arrested on picket line outside Tower Hamlets transport depot on 2nd day of council strike’ because that would be a bit of a disaster and could draw unwanted attention to the issue. 

Especially if people were reminded that these arrests were only possible as a result of legislation by a Conservative government. 

Even Moley was surprised when he heard about

“A Labour council, a Labour council…”

Even worse would be someone drawing any parallels between the Mayor’s threatened action and the historic speech by Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock at the Labour Party Conference in Bournemouth October 1985 and his immortal lines “The grotesque chaos of a Labour council, a Labour council, hiring taxis to scuttle around the city handing out redundancy notices to its own workers!”

Not sure if Mayor Biggs is Kinnock or Derek Hatton but you get the drift.

If you don’t that’s your own fault for reading this when you were politely asked not to. So there.

And it would probably be the Mayor’s chauffeur Cllr. Abdal Ullah doing the driving and delivering – that 4×4 can get over any speed bump apparently.

A welcome surprise

As ever we asked Tower Hamlets Council’s media office for a comment for publication – and they sent us one very promptly indeed!

This is odd because normally when we ask for Tower Hamlets council’s side of the story we just get ignored.

It seems that when – and only when – our humble request might benefit Tower Hamlets Labour Party to get its political views across then we are of use.

Odd that, innit?

So here is the response from Tower Hamlets council.

You’re joking – right?











Or possibly not.

Pip pip!

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