Appeal for information. Did you send this email in 2014?

An unusual request. The Wapping Mole needs some help from a certain person to shine some light on a particular part of the Poplar Papers. This person sent this email to Tower Hamlets Council email in December 2014.

Problem is Mole has no idea who the person is! Poor Moley.

Tower Hamlets council IFE corruption

The subject is ‘LBTH IFE CORRUPTION’. The screen grab above is from evidence in the public domain, the annotations are ours.

There is no need for us to go into any detail about the contents of this email as we know what it relates to and so does the author. We both know this issue goes way further back than 2011 and continues to this day.

Oops! We promised not to say that! Never mind. Doubt if anyone will read this.

(Good job we did not mention that IFE stands for Islamic Forum Europe or publish the image below!)

Islamic Forum Europe (IFE) structure.

So if you sent that email to Tower Hamlets council in the hope that you would be helping everyone in the borough by making it a better place and then you were completely ignored please get in touch via as you have vital information. It’s the stuff behind the black bits in the email and we are sure a lot of other stuff too.

And we will certainly not ignore you.

Be careful

If you work in the council DO NOT send any emails to us from the council network. You never know who might be snooping.

Please ONLY email from your phone or your home email. Clear? Great.

Er… that’s it. Short post huh? Usually we waffle on for another 2,000 words or so.

Of mountains and molehills

I know, maybe Moley could tell you why he has been super quiet the last few weeks? Yeah, let’s do that.

Well the thing is that what you read here is only the end result of a whole lot of work that takes a long time to do. Sort of a tip of the molehill. Why only this morning Moley was looking at some research he carried out in 2013.

No, he has not been digging just about that one thing since 2013, he has done other stuff. But he has been surprised to find how in the last few weeks he has been going back several years as he puts pieces of the jigsaw that is the Poplar Papers together.

Timelines are essential

One of the most powerful tool an investigative journalist has is a timeline of events. This are as simple or as complex as needed. Could be events over the course of a few hours, could be events over decades. Sometimes both.

Example timeline with placeholder text.

Timelines force you to be logical and they can make something evident which has been staring you in the face and you have not realised its significance. This happened to Mole the other month when the timelines of Person X and Person Y joined together.

Massively useful, only problem being Mole had to restructure and redesign his timeline. Eventually he ended up with five timelines each showing a different aspect of what he has found.

Then a phone call this morning triggered another lightbulb moment which led him to really need to have a chat with the public-spirited person who sent the email above in December 2014.

If that was you please get in touch via – complete anonymity guaranteed. Mole will of course need you to prove that you did send the original email, but that is very simple when you think about it, innit?

Please remember that all Moley does is join the various dots together – you supply the dots. No dots = no story and no exposure of the many very bad things that have plagued our borough for years.

Many thanks to all of the people who have been in touch through various channels in the last few weeks, some Mole has worked with for years, others for only a few days.

It is all deeply appreciated. And as promised your work will never ever be publicly recognised.

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