Keep mega-ships out of London, object to the Ocean Diva Swan Lane

Anyone seen a 747 jumbo jet floating down the Thames? No?
How about a football pitch? Seen one of those cruising past the Isle of Dogs? No?
How about one of the very noisy party boats but one that is 747 jumbo jet / football pitch size with 1,500 passengers? Read on.

Object to Ocean Diva at Swan Lane Pier

If you do not want to see our river Thames exploited and abused you need to object to the Ocean Diva at Swan Lane Pier proposal.

If approved this will also set a precedent for other similar ventures.

The aim of this new scheme at Swan Lane by London Bridge opposite the City of London is to make some rich people even richer by trashing the Thames.

Oops! We didn’t really mean that (yes we did!) we meant to say that this new scheme at Swan Lane by London Bridge opposite the City of London seeks to create a bespoke privately-owned and privately-run pier with a paywall.

Whatever that means.

Ocean Diva will look like this only a lot bigger.

In plain English if this Ocean Diva thing is approved we will have a situation where if you want to access the Thames at Swan Lane Pier the only way you would be able to do so would be by being a paying customer on Europe’s biggest party boat, the Ocean Diva.

1500 drunks floating along the Thames

This perversion of the nautical form (which looks like a cheap aircraft carrier without the planes or sleek low profile) has a capacity of 1,500 partygoers or very loud drunk people as those who live next to the Thames call them.

So get busy objecting by using the PDF document below as source material only – do not copy it verbatim or it will be invalid.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Ocean Diva Objection kit June 2020″]


There is also a Word version Ocean Diva Objection kit June 2020

Please circulate these documents to your friends and family and also sign the petition at Change-org.

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