NHS now hiring 16,000 new staff for CV-19 Nightingale hospital ExCel

The NHS is hiring over 16,000 Clinical Support Workers who will be needed to run the new coronavirus Nightingale hospital at the ExCel centre in Newham.

These roles do not require any clinical or healthcare qualifications and you can apply here.

Putting coronavirus patients needs first

The most important skills are the ability to keep calm under pressure, understand and share the feelings of patients at NHS Nightingale who need support and be ready to put a patient’s welfare first in the war against coronavirus.

East Enders are ideally suited for the jobs as applicants must live in one of the London Boroughs or the Cities of London and Westminster areas.

Paid workers who are hired will be offered employment for the duration of NHS Nightingale. It is not currently known how long this will be.

Those who have been furloughed (temporarily laid off) by their current employer may apply but the work will be unpaid.

Long shifts, hard work, the best cause

For either status of Clinical Support Worker you will have to follow a roster shift pattern set out by NHS Nightingale.

These will be 12.5 hour shifts, including breaks, operating on a 50 hours per week basis, on a 4 days on, 3 days off rotation pattern.

Apply here to join NHS Nightingale as a Clinical Support Worker.

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