First Love Foundation Tower Hamlets food bank needs your cash

First Love Foundation supports people in crisis living in Tower Hamlets to get their lives back on track and they need your cash.

The East End Enquirer editorial staff knows exactly what it is like to not have enough money for food due to a year living rough in the borough.

First Love Foundation fed us on several occasions and so we are in no way objective about what they do.

First Love Foundation warehouse

Society turned upside down

And what they do is a whole lot more than provide people with things to eat.

The coronavirus pandemic has turned our society upside down and there are now more people in the East End of London than ever who need the help of food banks.

Many of these people will never have believed that one day they would need the support of a food bank, but they do now.

First Love Foundation delivers

Any donations you make to First Love Foundation will go towards purchasing & distributing food throughout the borough to those most in need.

First Love Foundation deliver tinned food, fruit and vegetables to those who need it.

Will this food package be the same as a normal weekly shop? No. Will it get hungry people through the next few days? Yes.

So if you are one of the few who are still comfortably off and have cash in the bank you really should help First Love Foundation to continue their services.

The consequences of coronavirus will not stop when we are released from lockdown and death rates cease to be headline news.

One day it might be you who needs help. Life is full of surprises and many of them are very unpleasant indeed.

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